Team Kamakakoa’s Record Breaking 2010 Season

OluKai’s Team Kamakakoa captures the overall title for the 2010 Hawaiian Sailing Canoe Association race season. The team dominated this year winning 4 out of 6 races earning them their 13th HSCA season title. Marvin Otsuji celebrated his 22nd year as Master Steersman for Team Kamakakoa. “Every race presents its own challenges, it keeps things interesting” says Otsuji. This year’s team really came together. The knowledge and skill of the veterans blended with the raw power and endurance of the up-and-coming guys created a true force to be reckoned with. Race #1: Keokea to Hana to Kahului May 1-2 – 1st Place Race #2: Maui to Molokai’i June 4-6 – 1st Place Race #3: Molokai’i to Kualoa July 10 – 1st Place Race #4: Kualoa to Haleiwa July 11 – 2nd Place Race #5: Na Holo Kai August 14 - 1st Place Race #6: Kendall Cup – 2nd Place There is a lot of momentum around Team Kamakakoa and the growing sport of Sailing Canoe racing. “Athletes and waterman from over Hawaii are proud to be involved in the sport,” says Otsuji. Canoe sailing is a true test of a waterman’s skills and a way to connect with tradition and heritage. Team Kamakakoa’s Record Breaking 2010 Season 1Congratulations to Team Kamakakoa for a fantastic, record breaking season!

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