Wai: Harnessing The Spiritual And Physical Characteristics Of Water

For Hawaiians, water symbolizes life. The Hawaiian word for prosperity or wealth, is waiwai, literally means water-water. Many names in Hawaiian have the word wai in it, referring to the water source that the people relied on at that time. No matter if you are afraid of the unforgiving sea (Kai, moana), you don’t even have to get wet to reap the amazing medicinal benefits of ocean spray rich in iodine. Refreshing sea breezes carry cooling saltwater spray, helpful in regulating the thyroid gland that impacts energy, and rich in negative ions that enhance and strengthen the body’s immune system. The ocean mist, composed of small molecules, enters the body via the respiratory system where the tiny negative ions adhere to the walls of the lungs for distribution throughout the body. Immersion In Saltwater Is Even More Therapeutic Hawaiians honor the ocean, understanding it as a therapeutic, limitless reservoir of health. Ocean water opens pores and accelerates elimination of toxins from the body. Wading in the surf and swimming brings our bodies in contact with the healing, pulsating massage of the sea. Traditional Hawaiian healing practices recommend bathing in warm saltwater as it directly acts to reduce inflammation, improve chronic disorders, and helps the body heal from a diverse array of ailments and injuries. Kahuna healers advise cool saltwater calms down a fever and settles overwrought nerves. During the summer months, soaking in saltwater warmed by the sun in tide pools and quiet coves is a popular healing therapy. Ocean water contains all the vital elements including mineral salts, trace elements, vitamins, amino acids and living micro-organisms which are assimilated into the body during sea bathing, secreting hormonal and bacteriostatic substances with potent biological balancing effects. Relax In A Natural Hot Tub The mythical Hawaiian volcano goodness Pele is credited with the creation of the thermal ponds. These natural “hot tubs” form when ground water permeates through hot magma rock on its journey to the sea and then mixes with cooler water in the tide pools. On Hawaii, commonly known as the Big Island, in the Puna District, the Kapoho Tide Pools, a series of interconnected thermal tide pools extend hundreds of feet into the ocean. Located at Poho’iki Bay, Isaac Hale Beach Park also boasts a series of soothing hot springs. At Ananalui Beach Park, a large spring-fed thermal pond tends to maintain at approximately 90 degrees Fahrenheit. The pond, a soothing mixture of ocean water and fresh hot water from the thermal springs, is crystal clear and inviting. Discover A Natural Saltwater Massage Pool On the “Valley Isle” of Maui, Olivine Pools are a series of natural saltwater pools in lava rock where the swirling action of the waves creates a natural “whirlpool” bath, warm and relaxing; a delightful source of relief for sore muscles. To access the pools from Makamakaole Falls, continue to drive north on Route 340 toward the village of Kahakuloa. Just before the entry into town there is a small gravel road on the left at Highway marker 16. Park in the designated clearing and follows the trail to the left down the ledges to the sea. Locals strongly advise wearing sturdy walking shoes to walk on the lava and please do not wear insect repellant or suntan lotion or oils in the pools. Experience A Saltwater Spa Massage Spa Pure Waikiki, located just off the lobby in the Marriott Courtyard Waikiki, Honolulu, HI, features a delightful way to rest your tired body with the aid of therapeutic Hawaiian waters. Relax and unwind in the buoyant warm of a saltwater pool while a therapist guides you through a unique, exhilarating massage relieving the tension in your body.  

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