5 Best Food Trucks In Maui

When on Maui, there are a ton of great places to eat ranging from roadside vendors to fine dining. Maui is quickly becoming known for its awesome food truck scene. When sightseeing or taking a break from Maui's amazing beach life, look out for these 5 best food trucks in Maui for fresh eats, innovative menus, and the taste of the islands Like Poke? Well, do you like poke? Of course you do! Whether you’re a Maui resident or a Maui visitor, definitely take the time to check out the Like Poke? food truck in Kahului. Only a 2-minute drive from the OGG Airport, this food truck can be found 7 days a week in a parking lot across the road from Maui’s Costco. Open until poke is sold out, a visit to this Maui food truck will awaken your taste buds and definitely make you second guess any other kind of poke you’ve enjoyed in Hawaii. Enjoy ono local poke plate lunches with a Hawaiian-style portion of white Calrose rice, creamy mac salad, a Kula green salad, and your choice of fresh island-style poke options; Tako Poke, Ahi Shoyu Wasabi, Ahi Shoyu Ginger or Spicy Ahi. Depending on the day of the week, and if you arrived on time, most definitely order the Fried Poke if its available. A real crowd pleaser, the Fried Poke is served with a Like Poke? signature secret sauce and tobiko trimmings. Visit the Like Poke? Facebook page for more information about daily specials. Mediterranean Grill After a surf session on Maui’s North Shore, head up to the Haiku Town center to savor satiating and filling Mediterranean dishes. Owner, Sam, is one of the most engaging culinary entrepreneurs Maui has on board. Expect some good conversation, lots of laughs, and healthy portions during your visit to the Mediterranean Grill. This spot is the only place to go on Maui for an authentic Mediterranean spice-infused menu, and you’ll surely want it to become part of your weekly repertoire. At Haiku’s Mediterranean Grill, take turns trying items like the traditional Falafel Plate, Lamb Gyro, Chicken Shawarma, Lamb Kabobs and the Greek Salad. This is an awesome place for lunch or an early dinner on Maui, but don’t stop by on a Tuesday because that is the only day of the week that Sam and his crew take a day of rest. After rubbing your happy belly from your tasty meal, make sure to ask if they have their famous baklava for dessert. Check out more about Maui’s Mediterranean Grill here. Shark Pit Maui Most definitely the best food truck on the West side, Shark Pit Maui is not just Maui famous, but it’s also been top rated in the Travel & Leisure online magazine and Yelp. Owner and Chef Chris is as ingenious as can be with his local, sustainable and organic menu. He has a good sense for what people love to eat in Hawaii, fusing local food selections in a fun, farm-fresh way. Visit Shark Pit Maui for lunch and fall in love with the Guacamole Cheeseburger, the Steak Poke Caesar Salad, Kimchee Steak or Ahi Poke Tacos. If you like corn on the cob, make sure to order the acclaimed Shark Pit Maui version: sweet, savory, and spicy with a Sriracha aioli sauce and a curious furikake seasoning blend on top. For daily specials, check out Shark Pit Maui on Facebook. Big Beach BBQ Head to South Maui to frolic in the ocean at Makena’s Big Beach, and hit up Big Beach BBQ on Makena Alanui Road. This authentic roadside BBQ food truck is the best if you want to grind some tasty meat dishes that have been slow smoked over Kiawe wood for over eight hours. This is what a real Hawaiian BBQ is all about! There’s nothing like the fragrant flavor that Kiawe wood infuses into tropical BBQ dishes. At Big Beach BBQ, enjoy the aloha spirit shared by the owners, and relish in mouthwatering BBQ plates like the Pulled Pork Sliders served on taro buns with a yummy pineapple coleslaw, or the BBQ Nachos. The Pineapple Sausage Hot Dog is a great choice, and don’t miss out on ordering a side of the Grilled Pineapple. For daily specials, check out Big Beach BBQ on FacebookGypsyMaui The GypsyMaui food truck is a rolling coffee shop, smoothie bar, cafe and catering company. Satisfying Maui’s foodie lovers and health-conscious, the GypsyMaui food truck introduces diverse flavors and creative concoctions. Spawning from a pipe dream designed by longtime Maui resident Vanessa, GypsyMaui is pushing all inventive limits for the Maui food truck scene. Literally creating a buzz, GypsyMaui is where to go for rich and creamy 100 percent Maui grown espresso drinks infused with buffalo butter, coconut oil, organic maple syrup and freshly grated cinnamon sprinkled on top. Their popular Green Monster is a farmers market smoothie with fresh kale, avocado, lilikoi, lemonade and apples. Other popular items include their famous Maui banana bread, and a tasty yogurt parfait with Lebanese yogurt, Katie’s Kitchen gourmet granola (made on Maui), and a flavorful organic berry sauce. Their panini menu rotates daily, and all possible menu items are organic and Maui grown. Hours and locations vary, so definitely follow this Maui culinary explosion on wheels on Facebook or Instagram.

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